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Snowboard Skiing: A Tough Choice

Making the decision on whether to try snowboarding or skiing is something that you will probably find to be hard.They are both great winter sports that help you get out and enjoy the wintertime while being active at the same time.They are similar but also very different.First stop to think which you are better physically suited for, as each focuses on different muscles in the body.

Snowboarding is much more strenuous on the legs and knees so if you have bad knees you may want to stick with skiing.With skiing at least you have the reliance of your poles to help you along and it is not so much about using the strength of your body to move yourself.Personal preference has a lot to do with it as well because most people just find they like one sport more than the other.You may find that skiing comes somewhat naturally to you but then feel totally awkward on a snowboard.

A lot of elderly people who want to participate in a winter sport tend to go for skiing over snowboarding.This is because they are able to rely on their ski poles to move them along rather than resting entirely on their physical strength.You will often see a lot of older aged people out skiing because it is so much easier for their bodies.With skiing they are able to use their poles to glide them along and especially in cross country skiing this is much easier on their body.

While in snowboarding you are getting all the power for your speed and moves from your own body to move the board, in skiing this is not the case.The younger generation is much more into snowboarding.They even act as a support when you are standing in an upright position so there is a lot more reliance with skiing than boarding.For skiing you will need skis and ski poles.

You will need a bit different gear depending on what sport you want to get started in.You are still going to need the warm winter gear no matter which you choose but for skiing you will need poles and skis while with snowboarding you need boots, bindings and a board.It is pretty much the same amount of equipment you will need for both sports so there is not much of a cost difference in getting started with either winter sport.Everyone has their own preference and of course you can also enjoy both as many people do and just decide to go skiing or snowboarding whenever you feel like it.

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